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Bo(u)nd: an installation by Heather Doyle-Maier
July 24 - August 22, 2014
Opening reception: Thursday, June 24 from 5-8pm

Bo(u)nd reflects on the nature of marriage and commitment: a pairing of individualities to form a “we.” Bringing the private space of the bedroom into the public realm of the gallery, the installation utilizes domestic and industrial materials to explore the tensions and vulnerabilities, the differences and coherences, of long-term contracts for intimacy.

A recent blog enumerates the gestures of a long-term relational commitment, informing readers that staying with the same person for a lifetime will mean sharing 20,000 (or more) meals, 20,000 good-nights and 20,000 how-was-your-day conversations. The work that goes into maintaining a relationship for this long haul is quotidian, less about large declarations of “love” and sweeping intentions for “forever” and more about daily actions: gentle touches, small stitches. It is the labor of knowing another – not only to know but to keep knowing, day after day after day.

Bo(u)nd is presented both as an installation art piece and as the artifact of an enactment of persistent labor, making visible often-overlooked processes. The extended book in Bo(u)nd, made from worn bedsheets and pillows, uses 350 individual book units in a dos-à-dos structure (French for back-to-back) and stretches more than 70 feet. 300 feet of hand-stitched zippers cover the cables. More than 3000 hand-washed eggshells nest on the top of the bed, their cover hand-stitched covered by a bedcover with more than 16,000 individual marks.

Bo(u)nd illuminates the state of being unremittingly related, tied to another by repeated and multiple threads. Reflecting a long and intimate conversation between two, the installation embodies both a familiar everyday pattern and a mutual rising gesture towards greater possibility.

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Contact: Jacquelyn Connolly, Director/Curator


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