Rafael Fajardo: Crossings

May 25, 2017- June 29, 2017

This exhibition explores issues of immigration at the Mexican/US border through the language of digital video games as art.  By choosing the nostalgic and approachable medium of 16-bit pixels as his "paint brush," Rafael challenges us to consider a timely and politically tense issue through a medium many of us are familiar with but don't often give serious consideration.  The subject matter is as serious as life or death, and filled with hope, desperation, frustration, resentment, heartache, and the American Dream.    

Rafael Fajardo is an artist, researcher, and Associate Professor at the University of Denver where he is the Director of the Emergent Digital Practices program. Through his collaborative, SWEAT, Fajardo has been creating boundary blurring video games as an art form for twenty years. His games, Crosser (2000) and La Migra (2001) deal with issues of migration at the US-Mexico border and have been shown internationally.

His research projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, by the Colorado Council on the Arts, and by MTV. I.D. Magazine named Fajardo among the top fifty designers in the country in 2004.

He has served on the Board of Advisors of the International Digital Media and Arts Association, and on the Board of Advisors of Games for Change. He has most recently been commissioned to create a new artist’s game for exhibition at the Tricentennial of San Antonio, Texas, to premiere in 2018. More information may be found at Rafael's personal website RafaelFajardo.com.